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Mixing & Mastering

Take your production to the next level.

  • 16 hours
  • 160 US dollars
  • Remote

Service Description

Lets find the sweet spot and unleash your songs potential. By using our Mixing & Mastering service we will work extensively with you to bring out the tone in your song that you have envisioned. Whether you need more punch in drums, more sub the bass, or simply clarity...whatever your goals are, we can achieve them. During the mixing process we will make all the necessary movements to ensure your instruments and tracks are balanced within the overall stereo image and volume making sure everything sits right in the mix. At WhiskAudio we are also a big fan of tonal control, which we believe allows a song to compete in terms of quality within its respective genre. As for the mastering stage, we bring the songs loudness up to the industry standard (or whatever is preferred) and really maximize the small adjustments we make to the final mix. Each of our fine adjustments equates to a final product that is loud, dynamic, wide and crystal clear. The majority of adjustments are done during our mixing process and then our mastering process applies the final touch to give it that professional sound most are looking for. How it works: - Once our service is booked and you have filled out the form you will receive an email with more details regarding the process. - After details are worked out, your "session" begins based om working hours (16). - Throughout the "session" we will stay connected to make sure your finished project is the way you want, sharing previews etc. - All files, previews, stems are managed through the member area file sharing. You will receive access upon signup to your own folder.

Contact Details


New York, NY, USA

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