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How Our Services Work and FAQ

WhiskAudio provides artists with the complete package ranging from Mixing, Mastering and Production. You can find more detailed information about our philosophy here. All three services have a similar flow in terms of booking. Our goal is to make it an easy and simple process the entire time, with convenience at the forefront so you can spend more time creating and less time worrying.

How it works:

At our "Book A Service" page you'll find a list of services we provide, each with a button labeled "Book Now". Once you click that button you'll be taken to a calendar page where you are able to view our schedule and book accordingly to yours, giving you the ability to plan ahead if needed.

After you select a time slot with your respective engineer, you'll be asked to fill out a form asking for more information regarding your project you want serviced, for example, best form of contact, genre, BPM, key etc. Once the form is complete, we will review it and then contact you through whatever contact method you listed on the form and get acquainted.

By completing the above steps and making the payment, you then gain access to our file service page in the members section once your account is created. In the files tab you'll be able to view your own personal folder where you can then upload your audio/stems/tracks/references etc. All files are stored securely and only the engineer and yourself will have access. After all files are uploaded, we can now begin the remote "session" and we will upload any previews, finished versions, recalls etc. to your personal folder hosted here at WhiskAudio.



What do the hours listed under each service represent?

The hours are simply a baseline time of completion, creating a buffer for our engineers which allows them to work to their full potential without feeling overwhelmed. Hours listed are considered "working hours" and it is a non-issue if more or less time is needed.

Are your rates a flat-fee?

How flexible are you guys with recalls/revisions?

Is there some sort of plan I can subscribe to that provides me with X amount of services?

What genres do you specialize in?

How open are you to artists input?

Do you take on exclusive projects, such as Albums/EPs or high-profile artists?


Book with us now:


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